Unashamed Truths of a Middle Class Twenty Something

I'm figuring it out as I go.

About Me

Hi! I’m RaeAnna. I am aimlessly 25 and freelancing. I graduated from Cornell College in 2014. Since then, my life has been all over the place for the good and bad of it. I’m working on putting my life in some semblance of adult-ish order. People think I have my life together, but I don’t! Interesting factoids: I speak English, French, Russian, and a smattering of Spanish and German. I used to be a ballerina. I’m a raging, liberal, intersectional feminist. I am an Oxford comma enthusiast. I am a classically trained pianist. I lived in France – but not Paris. I studied in London. I’m a secret writer. Dog lover. I’m obsessed with my handwriting. I bake and cook, but I very rarely eat any of it. I have big dreams, and no clue how to get started on them.

I grew up in Ames, Iowa. I couldn’t wait to leave, and now that I’m gone, I’m fiercely proud to be an Iowan. It’s a great place to be from, but I will never live there again. After college, I lived in the Chicago area for almost three years, where my best friend’s family supported me for no good reason. I love them for it. I currently reside in Houston. It’s fun to be here for the present, but I doubt it’s my forever home.

I have no idea where life is leading me. Hopefully to graduate school. I would love to be Doctor Rekemeyer someday. I keep hoping maybe someday someone somewhere will pay me to make things up then connect those things with inked symbols on thin dead trees to entertain the literate masses. In the mean time, I’m getting by.

This blog is my serious personal undertaking to hopefully enact change in this world that isn’t actually going to shit but sure seems like it. For fun, I curate another blog where I review books, and then I take pictures of said books on Instagram. Shameless plug here: Follow me at Bookish Liaisons Blog, Twitter (which I’m terrible at), and Instagram. Anyways, these give me an outlet when I’m not taking care of my dog, traveling, reading, in the kitchen, or freelancing.


One thought on “About Me

  1. With this introduction … how can I keep myself from following? … and I liked your comment on Mersha’s post.

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