Unashamed Truths of a Middle Class Twenty Something

I'm figuring it out as I go.

Unashamed Truths

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Unashamed Truths. When I started this blog two years ago, I set out to talk about the things most people keep secret, which I have owned without shame. The last year, I have rarely written. When I do write, I have kept it light. I have avoided my truths almost completely.

It has been a really difficult year for more than a few reasons. When I go through difficult times, I shut down. I stop thinking about my truths and really anything but the right this moment. When I struggle, I don’t want to think about all the other struggles I’m reconciling and living with and fighting against because it is too hard.

I don’t talk to many people. Pretty much unless you’re my best friend or surrogate mom, you probably haven’t heard from me much. I post on Facebook happy pictures. I have recently started a bookstagram and a book blog. It gives my passion an outlet, but more than anything it is a distraction from what my life has become. So anything people have seen or heard from me, I’m sure I seem to be doing excellent. It couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m struggling in more than one way, but I also haven’t been writing about anything that means something to me.

I’m going to start again. Sometimes I forget, my story means something. It can help people. If nothing else, I need an outlet for all my pent up emotions.



Author: Midwestern Twenty Something

RaeAnna is a wanderer on a mission; though, she's not always sure what that mission is. Taking on adulthood with a sense of humor, a book, and her dog, she's ready to conquer the world. Unafraid to celebrate her faults or photograph her tumbles, she aims to help people see life as an ever-rolling, lopsided wheel instead of the perfectly manicured and Instagrammably stationary square we wish it were.

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